CATHRYN COOPER (Watercolor/Graphite)

Cathryn was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  She displayed talent at an early age and began private instruction with Atlanta artist Kathryn Burke at age 6.  She continued her studies of drawing and painting and earned a scholarship to Atlanta College of Art, now Savannah College of Art and Design, in 1976.

After graduation in 1980 with a BFA in Fine Arts, her main focus was painting and photography.   With a love of music and theater as well, she maintained her involvement in the arts community working at the Woodruff Arts Center.

Cathryn has participated in shows throughout the southeast.  In 1993, she won a competition sponsored by Argo Wiggins, parent company of Arches Paper.  In celebration of their 500 year anniversary of the Arches paper mill operation in Epinai, France, she personally presented her winning paper collage which now hangs in the mill’s headquarters.  That inaugural visit to France inspired further trips overseas to document her sojourns in photographs.  In addition to her painting, her award winning photography is another voice for her expression.


About Cathryn's Work

Cathryn’s unique paintings continue to evolve.  She works with collage on paper and canvas using assorted materials to create elaborate visuals.  Her inspiration is often derived from nature, using leaves as a common motif.  Expanding her repertoire, she is making three dimensional mixed media pieces.  Her work has been sold to private and corporate collectors throughout the United Sates and the European community.

In her North Carolina studio, she continues to expand her creative horizons.