AMMIE ORR (Painter/Muralist)

I’ve been a life long native to these beautiful mountains of western N.C. for 47 years. Ancestors before me have called the Appalachian mountains home for over a century. The mountains and streams of this amazing place hold stories very close to my heart and soul which were told to me by my grandparents. My passion in art as a child.

I’ve been married to my best friend Steve for almost 30 years. Together we’ve raised three strong/handsome sons. Kyle, Kody & Keeton.

In the past year we have welcomed a daughter in-law into our family, Madison, and a little over 7 months ago we were blessed with our 1st grandchild, Keylan. Together Steve and I have operated a very successful painting business, Shades of Appalachia, for 20 years.

We strive to be above the ordinary. Building a business to be passed down for generations to come. Specialties include … Log/cedar home care & maintance. Historical restoration… Unique decorative painting techniques. Muralist…

About My Work

I view and feel all creations probably a little different than the next person.I’m a self taught artist, never having received instruction in art.

My work as a mixed media artist expresses the love i have for the place i call home.

Discovering Appalachia one shade at a time.

Bringing a unique approach to textures/depth created in my work.